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Paris, France

Paris is so beautiful that in order to embrace all of the culture and art, you have to spend at least 5 days to soak in all it has to offer.  I stayed at the L’ Emperor Hotel which is in a really great area ($5 uber ride almost anywhere), is really affordable, and has a great view of Sacré Coeur.

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The first day, I went to check out the Louvre from my hotel and it was a $5 uber ride which is an excellent tool in Paris! When I say Paris, I mean Paris only, not the entire France, because using uber in the South of France was a nightmare. There was no way I was going to wait in the line to go inside but definitely took a lot of pictures outside theLouvre.



I wanted to visit Musee D’ Orsay after The Louvre because it was close by (which looks like the picture below) but unfortunately I didn’t realize they were closed on Mondays 🙁 oh well I still had a great evening.




I ate some amazing mac n cheese at Ferdi’s burger (where Kim Kardashian’s foodie best friend always eats at! Jonathan Cheban). Obviously as a vegetarian, I couldn’t order a burger and they didnt a veggie substitute but the mac n cheese was to die for.



The next day I woke up earlier than usual and walked from my hotel toward the Eiffel tower.  Of course, I stopped at the first view of the Eiffel from the bridge I happened to be walking on (which was called Pont du Alexandre)

blubridge2 blubridge blubakbridge

After this, I had sworn I had intended to end up at the Eiffel Tower but I ended up heading back to Ave Montagne so I could do some shopping.img_3877



The next morning I went for a walk from my hotel to find the bridge with the locks (Pont du Arts) but unfortunately they were all removed because the weight of the locks was going to make the bridge fall down! So here is another bridge pic instead hahaavparrrr_dsc0032ret-1



The rest of the day my friend took me to a spa called Le Bains de Lea which was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone but it was so dark in there, there was no way I could have taken a picture. So here is a photo I pulled off the company website. The spa definitely helped me get over my jetlag. The second pic of the entrance I took myself.



I spent the day at the spa getting a massage, relaxing in the hot tub and rinsing off in a hamam drinking unlimited flavored waters and fruits as snacks. We spent the whole day at the spa until I went to Maison de Truffles (House of Truffles in English) and ate a delicious truffle fettuccini with white and black truffles and a garlic cream sauce.



So yes! the next day I finally made it to the Eiffel Tower which is located in Trocadero so we went back to the Peninsula Hotel for high tea.  I got so tall I was even able to touch it hahaa._dsc0092tu

_dsc0159 _dsc0033

That night, we visited the Ritz Carlton and Hotel Costes and they were both so grand! I wish I had stayed there! The ambience at Hotel Costes looked like a scene out of a movie with the most lavishly dressed people.



One of my last days in Paris so I had to slay in some Namaslay

This two pictures were taken at the Peninsula hotel rooftop where I had gone for tea the previous day to meet a friend who was staying at the Peninsula and the rest of the pictures were taken at Hotel Plaza Athenee where I had a dinner meeting.avparis_dsc0145

Hotel Plaza Athenee



_dsc0003-3 plaza_dsc0020-1


The last day I visited Champs Elysees and saw the Arc de Triomphe.  I picked up some essentials that I needed from Sephora and had tea and some snacks at Le Foquet.  After eating, I had to get dessert so we went to the original Laduree for some delicious macaroons and ice cream ( I got coffee flavor, it was amazing!)avarc\  avtea2  avladuree  avladuree2

I made a friend when I went to etiquette school in Switzerland about 6 years ago.  It is quite incredible that we managed to stay in touch. It was quite a reunion for us and she is now a designer who has a showroom on Ave Montagne (comparable to Melrose Ave or Robertson Blvd)_dsc0280

It was my last night in Paris so we went out to Hotel Costes again. Around end of August, it is warm in the day but it gets cold at night so I had to take my coat with me. After getting drinks at Costes, we walked to the Eiffel Tower at midnight and watched it light up.img_3759 _dsc0315


From here, we were headed to Avignon, French countryside for some vino and relaxation!

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